v26 Labs is an innovation-driven information security firm for the Windows Professional and Enterprise environments. As a Microsoft Partner company, we specialize in the defense of Microsoft-run systems and data by identifying weaknesses in IT security controls before criminal attackers can exploit them. Additionally, we provide security awareness training that focuses on mitigating the threat of social engineering attacks such as spear phishing. We also provide a rare blend of security expertise with non-security support services for Windows Pro and Enterprise software including Windows Server, Cloud, Azure, and Microsoft 365.  


Since launching in 2019, we have committed to helping our clients solve their toughest computer security challenges, while always innovating new ways to serve our clients, their employees and clients, and the world. We work with public and private-sector clients across a wide range of industries like financial services, healthcare, energy, retail and manufacturing.

Technical Security

We are experts in social engineering, and are called upon regularly to advise, train and test organizations on social engineering vulnerabilities. When we use social engineering in our physical and technical vulnerability tests, v26 Labs has a 100% success rate.

Physical Security

If an we can compromise your physical security, we can compromise your IT. If we can compromise your IT, we can compromise your most sensitive and valuable data. If we can, so can the bad guys.

Windows Enterprise

To ensure that your IT infrastructure always operates at its best, we share our Microsoft expertise by offering Microsoft Windows support and training to small and medium businesses. This support, which includes internet, storage, network and recovery, is combined with security testing services.

Social engineering is a hacking technique that uses deception, manipulation and influence to get a human target (you or your employees) to comply with the request of an attacker. That seemingly simple and harmless request lets an attacker into your network. Most cyber attacks begin with a technique known as spear phishing. Social engineering is the easiest way for an attacker to get in, and it's the most difficult for an organization to defend against. These attacks are extremely successful; our team at v26 maintains a 100% success rate when it comes to simulating social engineering-based attacks along with technical exploits. We will walk you through this process, tell you what it is, how it works, and how we can help you and your organization mitigate these types of attacks. 

There is one universal way to prevent the cyber attacker from being successful: think like a cyber attacker. News headlines tend to highlight wide-scale attacks against large enterprises, spectacular attacks that hit millions of customers. But most attacks actually target small and mid-size businesses. And in relative terms, these attacks are often much more costly to smaller targets.

Cyber attacks are implemented against both specific and random organizations, services, and individuals to obtain private, technical and institutional information, and other intellectual assets for the purpose of vandalism or monetary gain. Small businesses are particularly targeted for financial and customer information.


Cyber attacks against small businesses have risen between 2016 and 2019, accounting for 43% of all data breaches. This makes them the fastest-growing group of targets. While 69% of data breaches were committed by outside attackers, more than 30% were the result of internal actors. This means that organizations, both public and private, need improved policies and procedures for dealing with current and former employees. At v26 Labs, we will work with your management teams to establish and maintain improved security policies and procedures. 


Your data is valuable, and your most sensitive information is at risk. And you likely have ties to bigger, high-profile business partners (think your financial institution, vendors, etc.) Given that today's advanced attacks can easily bypass most security tools, you may have been breached and not even know it. Here are some of the technical security testing we can do for you:

• External Network—External network penetration testing scans your systems against threats from outside, using a public network, and gathers information and performs exploits from outside the perimeter of your network.

• Internal Network—Internal network penetration testing simulates attacks to your system or network from within your walls. Our team assumes the role of a malicious and knowledgeable insider with legitimate access to your network. We simulate threats that could come from a rogue employee, malware, internal hackers, or thieves who have successfully bypassed your physical security and are now hacking you from the inside.

• Telecommunications and VoIP—Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) and Voice over IP (VoIP) penetration testing analyzes the security of your phone systems. VoIP networks are increasingly popular, as they reduce costs, improve quality and simplify management. However, they have addition risks such as call tracking, call data manipulation, listening capabilities and unauthorized wiretapping. Our team assesses authentication mechanisms, and the potential for interception or manipulation for conversations within your telecommunications systems.

• Applications—Microsoft software application penetration testing ensures application security. This testing plays a critical role to harden any application against potential attacks. Until you undergo simulated attacks that are like a thief trying to steal your information, or a saboteur who wants to erase you and bring you down, you won't know how well, or even if, your organization will survive a targeted attack. 

Organizations are facing increased pressure to provide more with less. Our Microsoft solutions help you manage and change the way your think about your information technology services.  From Microsoft 365 to cloud services, we work side by side with you to ensure that your information technology services are running smoothly. 

As your essential partner for Microsoft information technology services, we live out our passion for helping clients achieve better security by ensuring that your IT infrastructure is always operating at its best, 24 hours a day. That means that throughout our engagement, we are continuously monitoring and installing the latest updates and security patches for your Microsoft software, and we are continually helping to personalize your Microsoft experience to fit your needs and keep your business moving forward. 


Robert Stauss: Cybersecurity

Robert Stauss - Founder & chief hacking officer


A native of Chicago, Robert Stauss has traveled the country to gain his education, training and experience. Robert entered the United States Army information technology and cybersecurity career field in 1998, first in the Regular Army, and later the Army National Guard. Robert trained at Fort Jackson, SC before being assigned to the 514th Military Police Company in Greenville, N.C. After leaving the Army, he was a senior security analyst with a national cybersecurity firm in Washington D.C.

Robert founded v26 Labs as a school project in 2019 while studying Computer and Information Technology, with a concentration in cybersecurity, at Madison College in Wisconsin. Robert has received advanced training in Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Microsoft and Linux servers, Cisco networking, cloud computing, VM, computer forensics and security architecture. Additionally, he is skilled and experienced in VMware technologies, PowerShell, and security vulnerability and risk assessment. 

In November 2019, Robert competed in the National Cyber League, a biannual collegiate cybersecurity competition. He competed just four days after undergoing major surgery and was able to rank 612 out of 5,216 competitors. Robert is still active with the NCL today, coaching in open source intelligence.


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